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How to Play Paintball – Beginner to Pro Best of 2020

You maybe want to play the paintball game. But you don’t know how to play paintball game. Don’t worry you will learn all the rules of the paintball game in a few minutes.

The Paintball game is the most exciting game. This game is also known as a fast-paced combat game as well. The players play this game in a team as squad or solo using the compressed paintball gun. The paintball game is a lot of fun you know.

If you are a beginner and want to learn about how to play a paintball game. Then you are in the right place. We will talk about this topic right now. You can learn the basic rules, style and best equipment of this game here.

You can use this guide in your first time out on the field.

What Equipment or Gear do you need?

You are not required to buy anything before you get started playing this game. If this is your first time playing this game then you must need some important equipment before arriving at the field.

It will be better if you can rent some equipment and get a feel for the game. Then you can be sure that you are investing in your own supplies. You should not invest until you know the full playing rules paintball game.

Typical paintball equipment or gear includes the following items:

To play and win this game you must need those items before arriving at the field. And also you should learn how to become a pro player in the paintball game.


How to Get the Right Gear for you?

There are so many paintball gears out there right? How you can find out what gear is a great fit for you. Don’t worry we are here to explain the paintball gear and how you can choose your great fit?

best paintball gear

1. Rent the gear pack for your first time out

What I need to buy to play this game. Honestly nothing, Instead of buying a full gear pack you can rent a gear pack. To feel out how you like this game.

After playing this game with rent your gear pack if you like to play this game. Then you can consider investing in your own stuff.

  • If you rent a paintball gear pack you will get all the equipment like a paintball gun, paintball pistol, paintballs, paintball mask, paintball hopper. So, you can get the best experience of how to play paintball game.
  • If you like to play this game with rent the gear pack then you can think about investing to buy them.

2. Get the best paintball gun

Paintball guns are shooting with compressed air. That shoots paintballs of paint of high velocity. So, you must find out which paintball gun is a great fit for you. As you have played before with rent a gear pack.

Now you know what great fit is for you.  You can also check out the best paintball gun at an affordable price. Or best paintball pistol at an affordable price.

  • If you buy a paintball gun you have to know how to clean it. You have to spend more time with your gun. You also need to know how you can maintain your gun. To ensure you will get the accurate shoots when you will start playing this game.

how to play paintball game 2020

3. Get the best paintballs:

Paintball gun shoots paintball that’s paint to the enemy. Paintballs are like capsules that contain non-toxic, bio-degradable, and water-soluble. In the playing field as squid or solo match,

The players got the different colors of paintballs of each team. This is done to identify the winning team or player easily.

  • You have to buy a paintball from the arena where you play. You can buy from the online stores if you want to play some other location.

4. Spend some time with your gun:

If you are a beginner and own a gun then you have to spend some time with your gun. You have to learn how to clean it, maintain it to get a better shooting experience.

It will be better if you try some shoot a few times to see how it aims how its shoot experience.

If you like to know about how to play paintball you must try more with moving and reloading your gun. It will help you get a better experience.

  • Your safety first right? Many guns maybe shoot stupid even the most experienced players sometimes forgot this. So, you have to make sure that it will not harm you at the moment of shooting in the battle-ground.
  • Make sure you yell out the jam of your gun. If your gun jam on the field or battle-ground you are gonna shoot. So you have to fix this problem before started playing.
  • Spend some time with your gun with two hands. One hand should be on the trigger and the other hands should be on the stock grip. You should look after where the paintballs are coming out.

5. Get the best paintball mask:

To safely playing this game you must use the best paintball mask. It will help you to save your face from the gun shoot. If you are a beginner then you can rent a mask to get some experience.

And then you can buy one from an online store.

Most of the players like to invest in their own mask.

  • Many paintball masks are fog up, which means they make difficult to see the enemy. So, I advise you that buy a mask without fog. That will help you to see easily the enemies.

paintball play tips and tricks

How to Play Paintball and Some Rules:

  • Find great filed to play

You know the paintball game is like a war. So, you need to find an appropriate field to play this game. The field should be wide. You can play both indoor and outdoor it will depend on where you are living.

Usually, it should have some trees, some little house for hiding, some table, some barrels, etc.

  • Know the playing rules of paintball game

There are so many rules to play this game. It has different game variations. But some of the rules are common. Those playing rules are following below:

  • While playing in the field you must never remove facemask. It will hart you a lot. So for your safety, it is the most important rule.
  • When you fire at your enemy you must look that you take cover something in front of you. And also you must maintain the distance from your enemy.
  • You should not fire the player that already has a shoot. Keep in mind when you shoot anyone and need to reload your gun you must take a cover to do it.
  • If you are hit by any of the enemy’s paintball and it leaves a mark on your body then you are knocked out. Put your hand in the air and leave the battle-field.
  • Aim properly: To win this game you must learn aim properly. Paintballs are slower than real bullets. It will take more time to hit the enemy. You should aim higher than you are shooting at.
  • Keep moving: while playing in the battle-ground whatever indoor or outdoor you should keep moving always. Pick a place to move and quickly run to the place.


how to play paintball game

How much does paintball cost?

The answer depends on you. How long you want to play this game. How long you intend and how trigger happy you are.  But a reasonable price might be $150 for a full paintball gear pack.

You must need paintballs to shoot you will get 250 to 1,000 paintball for only $10 to $40.

So if you like to get the best paintball gear package you can buy the following item, It is the best item at a very cheap price. We have researched a lot and got this for you.

how to play paintball

  • smooth, lightweight and accurate
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Efficient and Reliable performance
  • Anti-Chop Eye System
  • shooting capability is very fast

  • May be need upgrades with necessary barrel

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