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Tippmann A5 Review in 2023 – Best Buying Guide

We know you are want to buy the best paintball gun. That’s why you are here to check the Tippmann A5 review. Yeah, Tippmann a5 is the best paintball gun. Learn more below.

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun Intro:

The Tippmann A5 is one of the durable, sturdy, and reliable paintball guns. Here this gun has one of the best features is that it can be customized and upgraded to their preferred game type by various accessories.

If you want to play a serious paintball game then you must need to choose Tipman A5 because it is suitable for anyone and this gun is a better version of the Tippmann 98 custom. The high-performance feed system is available in this gun which doesn’t need to upgrade at all. It uses air while using the power of the loader and doesn’t need batteries.

You can use this gun many hours without worrying over running out the power. Users love this gun because of its performance as it shoots up to 15 balls per second and works very well in all conditions. This might be of the best paintball gun for casual beginners who want a great start in their competition and intermediate level players who want to go to the next level. Its durability confirms that Tippmann gun offers.

More About Tippmann A5 Review:

If you are looking for a serious paintball marker then you could do well to look into Tippmann A5. Also, you can use upgraded 98 custom on steroids. For both casual beginners and intermediate players, it is a perfect suitable pistol or gun.

If you want to win the competition then this gun is best for you as well.

For a long time playing a paintball game then Tipman A5 is the best choice. You know Tippmann is a great and popular brand for the paintball industry. And they don’t want to lose their reputation by giving you a low-quality gun. And they always serve high-quality paintball gun.

Of course, your favorite game needs great instruments. Every real paintball game players have their own marker. And one of the best choices is to use the Tipman A5.

It is like 98 Custom but better.

Features of Tippmann A5:

Now I want to go through the features and other qualities of this gun. It comes with Tippmann’s patented cyclone feed system. An awesome airpower hopper system is available in this gun that does not rely on batteries as well. The same air it uses that fires the gun and the gun’s performance is amazing.

The gun is better for the ability to shoot 15 balls per second shooting. You can combine it with an upgraded E trigger system. By this, you can use full auto rapid firing with zero broken balls. You don’t need to use expensive upgrades because it is nice having a high-performance feed system out of the box.


1. Durability:

As like as 98 Custom, the Tipman A5 is built to last. This paintball marker is constructed or discovered with a super durable metal frame and of course, the other parts are made of high-density plastic that makes it more flexible. And for this A5 made a little bit heavier than other paintball guns, personally I want to tell that the weight is very much realistic.

It means that it is a sign of quality.

Anyone who is pro in the paintball game will feel the realistic weight when combined with a replica body kit. Cyclone hopper system guarantees balls will not be chopped or jammed because the internal system is very great in this gun as well.

The paintballs will not break inside of this gun. There is off chance of it. You can easily strip this gun within 2 minutes without using any tools. If you use this a couple of time then it will be easier and fast to disassemble and clean. And it will be super fast when you used to it.

The Tipman A5 is like the AK-47 of the paintball industry. You don’t need to upgrade the gun and you can use it for years to years. It’s durability, reliability, and customization options are great. You can easily find the parts out there of the Tipman A5. And you can replace those parts easily. You don’t need to change the entire paintball marker. You just replace the part which you need. This option is great for this marker.

Tipman A5 make paintball player more comfortable because it is long-lasting and doesn’t need to upgrade. You can use this gun for many years without change. And if any damage then you can easily find parts out there and change without changing the whole paintball marker as well.

2. A5 shooting system:

This gun comes with a semi-automatic firing mode. When you go to select a gun then you must need to check the reviews of the firing system. By checking Tippmann A5 review you can see here the shooting system of this gun. The firing rate of this gun is 9-15 balls per second.

It depends on how fast you can pull the trigger and shoot. Of course, this is an excellent firing rate for woodsball and scenario players as well.

tippmann a5 review

But many A5 owners add the great and highly praised E grip or response trigger systems.

You know the E trigger can unlock full-auto firing modes and for single fires. By this, the gun became more suitable for speedball players or close-quarters tactical combat.

This great marker comes equipped with a standard 8.5-inch barrel. This effective range about 150 ft. Many players attach A5 barrel to their Custom for added range and most accuracy as a quick upgrade. But for Tipman A5 is not too bad at all.

If you want to play more long ranges and duking then you may need to attach 14” barrel for additional range and accuracy. The Apex 14” extended barrel is most popular as well. And it is the best choice for serious players because of a wide range of spin, drop and curve options.

You can easily adjust to perfect your shooting style. Even if the form is vanilla the Tipman A5 is a great gun, easily upgradable for more serious players that require extreme precision.

The front foregrip of this gun adds have very nice stability.

3. Popular accessories of Tippmann A5 Review:

  •  BT Apex 14″ extended barrel
  • Tippmann A5 E Grip
  • Tippmann A5 Flatline Barrel
  • Tippmann A5 Response Trigger
  • 21″ Sniper barrel for Tippmann A5

4. Custom mods of Tippmann A5:

There are many mods of Tippmann paintball guns. That side this A5 gun has tons of mods and upgrades via a wide range of accessories. For serious paintball players, Tippmann A5 keep secured and suit their game type and playing style by the base level gun and a fantastic mid-high-end paintball marker. This is the best point while research the Tippmann A5 review as well.

They can upgrade this gun by kit over time and fine-tune. And there are many body kits available for this gun and it allows it to take the most effective way of any of your favorite real-world guns as well, like iconic AK47, a covert ops MP5 SD or assault like M4A1.

Tipman A5 E Grip is a great and popular kit. And it is selling out there always available. As I said the E Trigger system works for full auto firing or single firing. It is a great advantage for paintball players out there.

And I love this E Trigger system.

Because of the awesome cyclone feed system, there needs to attach an electronic hopper feed. You can easily upgrade with a barrel, E Trigger, and body kits as well as optics and you can play a suitable paintball game with full comfort.

Choose this Gun and Enjoy Your Paintball Game!


  • Easy to customize and upgrade
  • Very long-lasting gun
  • Durable and great price
  • Accuracy is great
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low co2 used


  • Slightly heavy


Final Thoughts of Tippmann A5 Review

Finally, I want to tell you that this is one of the best mid-range paintball guns You can find on the market nowadays. The most sturdy and durable gun or pistol it is. And it has many upgrade options.

The Tipman A5 is a long-lasting gun and you can play by this gun for years to years. This gun is perfectly suitable for beginner level players and intermediate players who want a marker that will give them for a wide variety of playstyles as well as enthusiastic beginners.

Who wants to invest long term games in their paintball gear then you must choose this gun because this gun has all the features that you need and you can go far by this gun. You can enjoy a great paintball game. There are various bundles and packages online you can find that are suitable for your game and it is one of the best paintball guns as I said before.

If you are a fan of a paintball game then you must need to use Tippmann series guns. And I am sure that you will be a fan of Tippmann guns as well as Tipman A5. If you are thinking that which gun is best for you to begin paintball game or if you are an intermediate player to hesitate which gun you need to choose then our answer will be Tipman A5.

And this is our recommendation as well. When you use our advice then you will realize in the field while playing that this gun is actually great for all paintball players who want to play paintball as long term. You can ask many players and you can get a recommendation to use Tipman a5. I think you get the best guide from our Tippmann A5 review.


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