Top 2 Best Paintball Hopper Proto Primo VS Empire Comparison 2021


When you go to play a paintball game then you must need to choose a paintball gun with the best paintball hopper that comes with. For that, you have to find out the hopper which has all the features.

There are many paintball hoppers out there but proto primo and Empire paintball hopper are most popular and best. Now which one you should use to play comfortably.

Proto and Empire are two types of brand and there is brand value for both. So, if you choose one of them then it will not bad. But you can compare by following the features, pros, and cons elaborated below. I think it will help you to choose the best one.

Proto Primo Paintball Hopper

best paintball hopper

The main features of this hopper are it can handle up to 200 paintballs and operate smoothly. Without batteries, it can also be operated smoothly. Besides, you don’t need to worry about its battery life because it has a gravity-fed one. While shooting by this hopper the results come with a constant vertical feed.

Proto primo has a large opening system that allows you to enter more than 8 balls per second while shooting. It will increase your shooting capability as well.

Another important matter that meets this hopper is that easily reloading process. It is one of the important parts because when your paintballs finish and such time you have to enter the paintballs to hopper as well as reload the gun and shoot the enemy very fast. And by proto primo paintball hopper, you can do that easily.

This hopper has higher feed rates that can make users more enjoyable.

  • Vertical feed
  • Price is reasonable
  • Without batteries or motor, it operates smoothly
  • It reduces the risk of jams
  • High feed rates it offers

  • Little bit heavier


Empire Paintball Reloader

empire paintball hopper review

One of the smoothest and quickest hoppers you can get out there. You can not find without it when you go for a smooth and quick using hopper.

On the other hand, it has an LED display that will notify you when the battery is low.

You can adjust microphone sensitivity, feed stack monitoring, and motor speed by the sound-activated system.

This hopper shell is built with multiple high-quality materials like polycarbonate that is very durable in the long turn, I think.

The anti-jam feature allows the ability to prevent jams. This is a built-in feature and for that, you have a guarantee that it won’t jam during reloading time. You will receive a consistent supply of balls by this hopper as it has that type of design and mechanism.

The feed rate of this paintball hopper is 20 paintballs per minute. And the holding capability is approximately 180 balls.

  • Excellent fire rate
  • Has an effective gas tank
  • Design is anti-jamming
  • Shell is made from durable materials
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Has the indicator of battery life
  • The high value of money

  • Slightly heavier tank

Paintball hopper comparison 2020

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Final Verdict

So, now you can compare with proto primo and empire halo too paintball hopper and you can find out which will be suitable for you to use. There are many more hoppers out there to choose but from them, these twos are very popular and easy to use.

Most importantly when you use paintball hopper you have to keep in mind that which will be more firing capability and reloading capability. And one more thing that is the capacity of the hopper can handle how many paintballs at a time while firing. And how many paintballs you can enter to the hopper at a time.

So, you can choose the best paintball hopper by researching those options I have elaborated on.

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