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What to wear to paintball – 5 alarming points


Paintball is a type of shooting sport or game in which competitive players knock out the opponents from the play by hitting with paintball guns. In this game, people use lower-energy air weapons which are named paintball markers or guns. Carbon dioxide or compressed air (nitrogen) steers these paintball markers. Paintball markers or paintball guns use paintballs which are mainly spherical gelatin capsules filled with dye and break upon the opponents.

Wearing comfortable and safe attire will make your match more enjoyable and will give you a thrilling experience. As a beginner at paintballing, you may worry about what to wear to paintball. In this case, you have to consider various factors about quality, gear, appearance, and additional suggestions of experienced players. In this article, we will give you a sense of choosing perfect and safe attire that will bring your desired success. So, keep an eye on the full section and follow our comprehensive guidelines.

Comprehensive guidelines about what to wear for paintball

Are you worried about What you wear to paintball?

Don’t worry here is elaborated clearly on what to wear when going paintballing

When I was younger and went to participate in a paintball game, a question came into my mind that what to wear to paintball. Then I gathered all information about gear and followed some skilled player suggestions. Now, I will give you the most informative suggestion.

As far as we know that law enforcement, military forces, security, and other training organization generally uses this paintball technology.

When planning paintball gear, want to cover almost all of your skin from head to toe excluding the naked eye. You may give special attention to delicate areas like ears, head, eyes, face, and private parts.

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1. Head Protection

The transit speed of paintball is about 260-280 feet per second. You may get serious injuries if the face and head are not perfectly covered. You should consider special protection as you know that the most sensitive organ in the body is the face and head.


For better head protection you can choose a cap, beanie, or headband. Usually choosing the perfect headgear depends on the season or weather.

Before choosing a headgear, you need to consider the following thing.

  • The headgear should cover the head from paintball shots
  • Give protection against sunburn
  • Cover the harsh weather
  • Cover head from paint
  • Prevent forehead and eyes from dripping sweat

It will be bothering for one when the sweat wipes away the eyes and forehead. During a match, messing sweat with your eyes or lenses and blurring vision may be harmful. In this case, a headband or beanie will prevent wiping and also cover the head from paintball shots.

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Paintball goggles or masks

In head protection, the face is another important part to cover as much as possible. In this case, a paintball mask or goggles is more convenient. There are different types of paintball goggles. You should choose one that has:

  • Lightweight frame for easy carrying
  • Anti-sun coating
  • Long durability
  • The internal foam gives comfort to your face
  • Enough ear protection with padding
  • Proper ventilation for passing cool air
  • Fog preventing
  • An upgradeable, flexible lens that has dual pane
  • Sufficient interior space
  • Flexible squeezing property of glasses

Best Paintball Mask – Dye i5 Paintball Goggle

2. Hands and arms Protection

The most important or mandatory protective part is the hand and arms. You have to handle and trigger the paintball gun with your hands and arms. After shots, the gun gives jerking that may injure your fingers, hands, or arms. A finger shot might be painful if you do not use better hand gloves. Sometimes blood comes out from injured parts. So, you have to give extra protection to your hands and arms. In this case, the best choice is hand gloves and arm pads.

Hand gloves

Though it depends on your budget, you should buy specific, quality-full paintball gloves. Pay heed to the following fact that the gloves have.

  • Reducing bruises property
  • Thinly padded gloves
  • Avoid super thick gloves that may trouble you pulling the trigger.
  • Gloves having substantial material
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Flexible gloves that let your finger free move
  • Specific gloves that protect you from cutting and any type of bone injuries

Paintball explodes liquids that will disperse all over you. For this reason, grippe gloves are preferable and easier for you. There are available two types of gloves: finger and fingerless gloves. Fingerless gloves will not the best choice for a beginner. It is the best choice for the professional one.

Best paintball Hand Gloves- Glove Station The Combat Military Gloves

Elbow/arm pads

We know that most of the injuries during paintballing are occurred by sliding, crawling, kneeling, and jumping. So, it will be common to get injured in the arms or elbows. But, arms/elbow pads or specific paintball pads can protect you from injuries. Opt-out arm/elbow pads which have.

  • Thick pads that can protect your skin and joints
  • Ground resistant property
  • Long-lasting durability

Best Arm Pads – Exalt Paintball T3 Elbow Pads

3. Upper Body Protection

Paintball is all about the game of crawling, kneeling, doodling, sliding, and diving. So, you should always avoid such clothing that may expose your skin. Half sleeves shirts, shorts, tank tops, and stuffed clothing should be avoided for this purpose. In my situation, I eagerly thought what should I wear to paintball? Now, I will give you an idea of you what to wear to paintball normally.

A good combination can be made as to the following apparel.

Long-sleeve Shirt/Paintball jersey

For paintballing, you should avoid bright colors so that opponents can’t see and target you easily. The darker color is like a camouflage that makes invisible you behind the wood and gear. You have to buy cheap darker military colors to wear from the Army Surplus store or another store. A comfortable jersey should have enough quality as follows.

  • The jersey must absorb quickly the paintball shots
  • Cover the upper entire body
  • Lightweight paintball jersey
  • Should be customizable and flexible
  • Should provide enough ventilation to the body
  • Should Protect from injuries and bruises from direct hits.
  • Should keep normal the body temperature
  • Jersey which avoids extra paddings
  • Enough durability

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A comfortable sweatshirt is also useful to wear for paintball. As we know, there is much sweat that falls during paintball. Underneath a paintball jersey or vest, a thin sweatshirt can help you to absorb sweats that may trouble you. A paintball sweatshirt can also protect the body from the shots of paintballs.

  • Thin and good absorbable properties
  • Comfortable and well ventilating

Best Paintball T-shirt – ANTARCTICA Mens T-shirt

Quality Vest

For a beginner at paintballing, an undesired hit in the chest may lead to death. The situation is completely accidental for some. So, you have to be conscious of this situation. You can wear a quality-full vest in this perspective. Many types of quality vests generally use players. You can choose a vest with pockets or without pockets. It is easy to carry pellets, snacks, keys, water bottles, and important stuff in a multi-pocket vest.

You should choose a thin and lightweight strong-quality vest. A good quality vest makes you confident and brave in your performance.

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4. Lower Body Protection

Like the upper body, the lower body is also the most important protection area due to exposure to shots, jumping, kneeling, sliding, crawling, and doodling. Rocks, dirt, and twigs can get you badly if your leg exposes. So, single layers of pants or shorts are not suitable for paintballs. I recommend long loose paintball jeans along with sweatpants.

Thick, long paintball pants

Exclusive paintball pants are available in the market. As I know how painful if get hurt hitting by a paintball shot. So, in this perspective, you should be aware of choosing long paintball pants or jeans. Pay attention to the following consideration that paintball pant has.

  • Proper ventilation property
  • Flexible and cool design
  • Short absorbing property
  • Should be strong and durable
  • Protect skin from cutting and bruising
  • Keeping normal body temperature
  • Reducing the probability of getting hits

Note: Exclusive pants should not be the first choice for beginners. Beginners can choose cargo pants that are much more durable and strong.

Pores of the cargo pants can easily circulate the air that regulates the temperature of the body. Multi-pocket cargo pant also reduces of getting bruises and cuts.

Sweat pants

Like sweatshirts, sweatpants are also necessary enough for a player of paintballing. It gives protection to sensitive organs like knees, calves, and thighs from injury during the shots.

Sweat pants ensure extra protection. It brings back your brave and achieves your desired success.

  • Your sweat pants should be flexible enough will not bother you
  • Comfortable enough that lets you free to move
  • Should absorb easily

Best Paintball Pant – HK Army Hardline Paintball Pants

An exalt pant or groin cup

When a paintball hits your nuts, it makes 10 times worse pain for you. It also makes one embarrassed. An extra precaution, in this case, must be obtained.

An exalt pant or groin cup both are perfect. Both can protect the balls from hurting you. Groin protection is essential for any physical sport.

Best Paintball Groin Cup – Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector

5. Feet and knee protection

You must give special concern to feet and knee protection as paintball is a dynamic game. Without wearing the proper footwear you may get injuries to your ankles and toes.


For a beginner at paintballing, you can take multiple shoes as your choice and test each shoe to what suits you more. Among the shoes choose the most comfortable one. Hiking boots are preferable to anyone because pro-level players use them cheerfully.

You may choose one of the following types of shoes.

  • Hiking boots
  • Soccer shoes
  • Cleats
  • Army boots
  • Jogging shoes

You have to avoid these types of shoes such as sandals, open toes, slim jogging shoes, and flip shoes.

Choice shoes that have properties like:

  • Shoes with rubber spikes reduce the chances of injury to the ankles
  • Shoes with spikes help you to stick on the ground
  • A quality shoe that does not produce a bad smell after a long time of using
  • Does not allow the pain of toes by hitting paintballs
  • Allow jumping over fencing
  • Hurdling over obstacles
  • Allow to stop in seconds when runs
  • Shoes that let you squat readily

A quality pair can prevent the shoe from wetting by the paint.

Best Paintball shoe – HK Army Digger X1 Hightop Paintball Cleats

Shin or knee pads

Paintball is a game of kneeling, sliding, crawling, and other dangerous tasks. It is very common to get injured during these types of tasks. So it is necessary to give protection to the part which has much chance of injury. The knee is one of those that can easily get injured.

In this case, wear a knee or shin pad. It let you protect your knee from bruising, peeling skin, busting, and some other scratches. Beginners may get serious bone injuries without knee pads.

Your sliding may be stopped by the ground. Smooth exterior knee pads let you slide smoothly into the ground. It makes you safe and comfortable. When you are confident that you are safe, it makes crazy you for achieving success.

What to wear to paintball in the summer season?

For preventing heatstroke in hot summer, you have to concern about your dress choices. A perfect combination may be with:

  • Paintball goggles with proper ventilation
  • Breathable thin long pants
  • Paintball gloves, arm or elbow pads
  • Comfortable, good-quality shoes
  • Knee pads
  • Breathable long sleeve paintball shirts
  • Lightweight beanie, headband, or trucker cap that can easily soak up your sweat
  • A sweatshirt or sweatpants

Don’t take heavy stuff like jackets, multi-pocket vests, and thick suits. The plane-quality vest would be perfect for the hot season.

Tips for paintballing during hot summer

  • Wear loose clothes for proper ventilation
  • Apply sunscreen to the exposed area to protect the skin from sunburn
  • Try to wear thin but quality-full long pants and long sleeve shirts
  • As much as possible try to play in the shades
  • Hydrate yourself- Dehydration can attack you easily during hot summer days. Dehydration results in kidney pains, dizziness, or the chances of sunstroke. So, try to keep cool your fluid and take some coolers. Keep enough energy drinks, water bottles, and juices, and drink these as much as possible.

What to wear to paintball in the winter season?

Your performance should become slow if you freeze with cold. As winter demands extra effort, you have to adjust yourself and your gear to winter. The following combination of care should be maintained.

  • Porous and flexible quality jersey and pants that can keep you warmer
  • A bandana or beanie that can protect your head and forehead from cold
  • Sweatshirt and sweatpants
  • Multi-pocket vest
  • Thick, padded finger paintball gloves
  • Elbow and knee pads
  • Anti-fog, dual pane, properly ventilated, glare-proof, UV protective foamed paintball mask
  • A pair of shocks and waterproof shoes

Some important safety rules while playing paintball

Paintball will become a dangerous and harmful game for you if you do not maintain the precautions at all. You must have a clear concept about what to wear before going paintballing.

You also have to acquire the knowledge of safety at every single step. Every single player needs to know the basic requirements and precautions of paintballing.

Maintaining precautions can prevent you from all unnecessary injuries. Here, I am pointing out some of these you must be careful about.

  • Lightweight clothing- Heavy clothing may resist your movement while playing. Though you need to wear additional layers, it should be lightweight. As paintball is a dynamic game, lightweight clothing like gym clothing lets you free movement.
  • Comfortable and closed footwear- Game zones can be wet, slippery, and muddy. So, you should wear shoes with rubber spikes that are comfortable for your gaming. During the winter season, you need to choose waterproof footwear. Ankle-supporting shoes can protect your feet from injuries.
  • No valuables or jewelry- As discussed before paintball is a dynamic game so it is not suitable to play with jewelry or any valuable things. There rise upon a possibility of losing these during grounding, ducking, and running.
  • Don’t mind if your clothes get dirt- Your clothes may be messed up in misty and wet weather. Wear clothes that will not let you upset if get dirt or paint.
  • Ensure that every player in your group is present. It will help you when you gain familiarity with your group mates.
  • Maintain respectable communication with the park owner and referee to feel comfortable in the new settings.
  • Discuss with referees about shooting someone from point-black ranges (closer than 10 feet). You should ignore point-blank shooting.
  • Don’t cheat and play fairly. If you get hit, yell for the referee to check the paint.
  • When you will eliminate from the game by hitting, elevate your arms on the ground and gun in the air.
  • Don’t shoot eliminated players who still exist in the field and allow them an easy exit.
  • Carefully carry the guns and give much attention to the targets.
  • If you need to remove your mask in an emergency, consult and be aware of your referee.
  • Don’t be indiscreet as paintball is a team game.


All beginners of paintballing must think about what to wear to paintball. This informative article can help you to choose the perfect paintball wear. From my experience and after researching many platforms, we have made this article only for helping you and ensure your good performance in paintballing.

All kinds of information about what to wear when going paintball is assembled here in this section. There are various pros and cons of different types of attire you will find here.



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