does paintball hurt

Does paintball hurt – Beginner’s 1st Thrilling question


Paintball is a game of crawling, kneeling, sliding, doodling, and hiding. It is not a disappointing matter when anyone gets hurt by hitting. But, you should always be conscious during paintballing.

Does paintball hurt? Anyone as a beginner thinks about this question. We will give you the whole idea about the question and answer in this article. However, the answer to this question sometimes depends on some factors such as.

If you know the basic process and technique of the game, you can reduce the chances of getting injured. Before going to paintball, you must know the following things.

In this section, we will give the whole knowledge of real paintball hurts and how to prevent it. So, if you briefly want to know about this please read this full article carefully and patiently.

Does paintball hurt?

You can’t imagine, “How bad does paintball hurt?” Every so often, participants may die. It happens when players get shots from point-blank range and when injures during paintballing activities.

If someone gets injured badly, it will be a bad experience for him. Who does not want an enjoyable match? For making your game more enjoyable, you should know all kinds of safety rules properly. You also have to know what can make paintball hurt. It would help if you avoided all thing that makes paintball hurt.

The factor that makes paintball hurt

Does getting hit with a paintball hurt? You can easily understand the points given below.

The distance of shooting:

The distance you have from the opponents matters a lot. The paintball loses power when it passes through the air. So, every player tries to hit at a higher speed. Getting hit by a higher speed can be so painful to someone.

Referees of most play limit the distance of shooting which is at least 10 feet.

A lower distance of shooting results in a higher amount of pain. So, always try to keep a long distance from opponents. That will make you confident that you will get less pain.

Point of impact:

The amount of pain also relies on which part of your body is getting hit. As far as we know eyes, head, mouth, and ears are the most sensitive areas. So, ensure that you wear protective headgear and a mask.

Different parts of your body let you less and much pain. For example, a shot to the stomach is worse than a shot to the back. There is more fat and muscle in the stomach and less fat and muscle in the back. Because of having more fat and muscle, the stomach gives you more pain.

You can see that experienced players always keep a little exposed skin. It is because getting hit on bare skin is more painful than covering skin.

Quality of the gun and paintball:

You have no idea that the amount of pain how badly depends on it. There are many qualities of guns and paintball.

After some sequent shots, a lower-quality gun may get hot. A hot gun can burn your skin. But, a higher quality gun does not get hot easily. And, it will protect your skin from blistering.

Paintball which is lower quality has a harder shell outside and less dense materials inside. So, it is difficult to break the paintball on impact. Manufacturers also build higher-quality paintball which does not break on impact easily.

Eventually, higher quality paintball lets you less pain than lower quality paintball.

The velocity of shooting:

The average transit speed of paintball is about 260-280 feet per second. The higher velocity of shooting is more painful than the lower velocity of shooting.

Most referees in the play limit the velocity range to ensure everyone will be safe. Sometimes, a higher velocity of shooting may lead to the death of a player.

Frequency of getting hit:

Pain also relies on the frequency of getting hit in the same part.

If you get the hurt first time, it will not be much painful for you. But, it would be worse if you get hurt at the same part again.

After getting hit the first time, you have to change the strategy and style of your play. It will reduce the chance of getting hit again in the same part.

How painful a paintball

How much does paintball hurt?

The amount of pain can vary however it depends on some factors. How much paintball hurts you can’t imagine. You can compare that pain with getting hit by a stung or rubber, or a bee.

You may have a cut or a bruise. It would be more or less painful for you. The pain lasts for a few seconds but subsequently, it suffers you more. Cutting or getting bruises can disrupt your safe playing.

Getting hit to the sensitive parts of the body may be dangerous. A shot to the eye may burst your eye socket, swell the eye, and worse may get blind in that eye.

Getting shots in the face also be dangerous. It can cause painful bruises or welts on the face.

In the same way, you can get hurt to your neck.

To prevent the pain of paintball, you should always be alert and conscious of all rules and precautions.

Safety rules while paintballing

Does paintball hurt? Yes, paintball hurts.

Paintball will become a dangerous and harmful game for you if you do not maintain the safety rules properly. You must have a clear concept of how much paintball hurts. You also have to acquire the knowledge of safety at every single step. Every single player needs to know the basic requirements and precautions of paintballing.

Maintaining precautions can prevent you from all unnecessary injuries and pain. Here, I am pointing out some of these you must be careful about. The question “Does Paintball Hurt?” will remove from your mind.

  • Getting shots on bare skin is much more painful. You should cover as much as possible all parts of your body as a skilled player does that.
  • Lightweight clothing- Heavy clothing may resist your movement while playing. Though you need to wear additional layers, it should be lightweight. As paintball is a dynamic game, lightweight clothing like gym clothing lets you free movement. In this way, you can keep a long distance from the enemy. An additional layer of clothing protects you from the pain of hitting.
  • Comfortable and closed footwear- Game zones can be wet, slippery, and muddy. So, you should wear shoes with rubber spikes that are comfortable for your gaming. During the winter season, you need to choose waterproof footwear. Ankle-supporting shoes can protect your feet from injuries.
  • Always try to keep a long distance from the enemy. It will ensure you get less pain when getting shots.
  • Discuss with referees about shooting someone from point-black ranges (closer than 10 feet). Because it hurts more from a closer distance. You should ignore point-blank shooting.
  • Keep your gun cool- after some sequent shots, your gun may be hot. Hot gun may blister you. So, try to shoot intermittently.
  • Don’t cheat and play fairly. If you get hit, yell for the referee to check the paint.
  • When you will eliminate from the game by hitting, elevate your arms on the ground and gun in the air.
  • Don’t shoot eliminated players who still exist in the field and allow them an easy exit.
  • Carefully carry the guns and give much attention to the targets.
  • If you need to remove your mask in an emergency, consult and be aware of your referee.
  • Don’t be indiscreet as paintball is a team game.

Here in this video, you can see many paintball shots in slow motion at the open body. You can also see the impact of it. How bad does paintball hurt? You can easily understand that.


#Does paintball hurt for a 12-year-old?

Yes, paintball hurts for 12 years old.

Children 11, 12, and 13 years old can play paintball. Paintball is a memorizing game for children.

Compared to adults, the same pain suffers a child more than adults. So, don’t allow a match where a mixup of children and adults. All player age should be in the same range.

Children are not as strong as adults. So, getting hit by a paintball can be much more painful for a child. To reduce it, referees should limit the velocity of shooting to a considerable range.

Getting hit by opponents from lower distances pains me. Whereas, it is very harmful to get shot from point-blank range. Thinking about children, the distance of shooting also be limited.

Ensure that the child realizes the game rules and follows those properly.

However, getting hurt for the first time may be painful for children. But, let them not realize the pain. Influence them to inflict pain on their opponents. It will bring them more fun compared with the pain. This fearable question “Does Paintball Hurt?” will delete from your mind.

#How can you make paintball less painful?

Everyone feels pain during playing. But, the amount of pain depends on every player according to their strategy.

How bad does paintball hurt? Only a player who gets pain can tell that and feel that. Getting pain is always a bad experience for anyone. To overcome the pain, you can follow some strategies.

First, ensure that you wear the perfect gear. It ensures you get less pain. Bare skin hurts. When you will cover your skin with an additional layer, it will not hurt much.

Keep a long distance from opponents. If you get shots from a lower distance, it will pain more. But, getting shots from a long distance is less painful and makes you more confident.

Getting hit again and again at the same part of your body suffers more. When you frequently get shots at the same part, you must change the strategy and style of your play.

In this way, you can overcome the risk of getting much pain.

#What should you wear for paintball to prevent hurt?

If you ensure that your get-up is completely perfect, you have fewer chances to get pain. It is the best way to prevent pain during paintballing. Before playing, you have to give a special concern to your apparel. You can follow the skilled player from this perspective.

A proper combination of suggestions is below:

  • Your attire should be thick and loose.
  • Wear comfortable headgear. A headband, beanie, the trucker cap can prevent your head from getting hit.
  • Well-ventilated paintball goggles or masks protect your face from hurting
  • Hand gloves and arm pads will protect your finger and elbow
  • Long sleeve shirt is safer than short sleeve shirt. You can see that an experienced player always exposes a little area to keep them safe.
  • A sweatshirt or sweatpant can absorb paintball shots and let you less pain
  • Long pants will protect your lower body.
  • Knee pads also prevent hurt.
  • The quality vest plays an important role in preventing hurt.
  • A comfortable shoe lets you easy to move and keep a long distance from opponents.

Comfortable and perfect gear will make you brave and more confident. This will help you to bring your desired success.


Paintball is all of the fun for a player. But, one may be afraid by thinking this question “Does paintball hurt?” Do not get afraid. Here you can find all of the information about this question. You also get here the idea to prevent pain during playing.

If you get help from this article, you can also share it with your friends. Finally, wish you a painless enjoyable match and be happy always. By reading this article, you can realize how does paintball hurt.



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