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Paintball Safety Tips – Best Way You can Play 2023

If you are new to the paintball game then you maybe don’t know what is the paintball safety tips. We are here to help you to know all the tips about paintball safety.

Introduction of Paintball Safety Tips:

There has been a growing number of non-paintball stores that have been getting into the scene to make a few bucks from the sport. It is sad. I have gone into a few of these mega sports places to see what is sold.

Most of the time, it is way overpriced. The second thing I notice is the lack of knowledge the ones behind the counter have on the sport. Most importantly, safety. The last thing is the lack of “restrictions” on the buyers. Because of that, those that have no intention of playing paintball will purchase these inexpensive markers and cause grief by shooting houses, cars, and other things like that. Even to the extent of shooting unprotected people.

Paintball is one of the safest sports as compared to many other non-violent sports as reported by insurance companies. Including golf! In fields that have a good amount of staff, safety is instructed before games have started. From then on, these rules are enforced throughout the day. Most of the specialized paintball gun shops will show new owners of their new “toys” how to work it. Most importantly, the safety devices.

Paintball Goggles:

Goggles are the main safety features of paintball. Unlike the first days of paintball when only woodshop goggles were used, today’s players’ sports goggles protect the eyes, face, and ears. Only goggles systems made for paintball blog safety tips are allowed.

All other forms of eye protection should not be used. Paintballs travel at high, yet safe speeds. But for the unprotected eye(s), this can cause permanent blindness. In my time, I have seen a few one-eyed paintball players. Since goggles are the main source of protecting your eyes, care should be given to ensure that they will not fail.

Remember that use only goggles made for paintball are to be used. These are made to withstand several close-range impacts of paintballs. Inspect your goggle system the night before when you get your gear together. When carrying your gear, best to carry your goggle system separately from the rest of your paintball equipment.

If you toss your goggles in a box with the rest of your stuff, you can scratch your lenses easily. A scratch on lenses weakens the durability. Carry it separately. Best in a soft sack to protect it from the sun.

Like the scratches, baking a mask in your car will reduce its durability. And don’t just toss it in your trunk. Things tend to shift while driving. Put it on the floor of the vehicle or hold it yourself. Not a bad idea to further protect the lenses to wrap a bandana around the lens. Even if you do place it in a carrying bag.

If you do take a hit between the eyes, many will suggest changing the lens. It is a good idea to do that but it can be expensive. I would suggest a lens change after 1 play season or every three (3) goggles hits, whichever comes first. Or, during an inspection the night before while getting your gear together, you may find some flaws in the paintball Masks. Change them.

Also, not a bad idea to carry an extra lens with you to the field. If your goggle band is starting to fray, time for a new band. It would not be fun to have the band break and your goggle fall off. Are any cracks forming on the face mask portion? Invest in a new goggle system.

If you have been goggled (hit in the goggles), inspect the goggles when you get to the staging area. Make sure everything is intact and no scratches. Cleaning the goggles is simple; water and a towel. Nothing more.

Do not use Windex. Try and wash off as much of the paint with water only. Then pat, not rub, and dry the goggles. Rubbing with the towel could leave scratches. When you finally get home, clean the goggles first! Leaving paint will eventually start to weaken plastic even though the paint is environmentally safe. This may require you to pop out the lens and clean it in the channel.

And of course, heed the manufacturer’s suggestions for caring for your goggles. You only have a set of eyes that should last a lifetime. Do as much as possible to protect them.

paintball safety tips


Barrel Plugs for Paintball:

These are mandatory in most fields. There are two different types of barrel plugs. Both are used to stop paintballs from accidentally leaving the best paintball pistol during an accidental discharge. Even when safety is engaged.

Many fields will have certain areas that must have a barrel plug used. Particularly in areas where goggles are not on. I suggest getting one. That way our not hassled by the field staff or forced to purchase one of theirs. Along with your choice of barrel plug, always use your safety.

One type of barrel plug is an actual plug that is inserted into the barrel muzzle. These should be hard to insert and take out. Many of the markers will come with one like the Spyder. The aftermarket ones come in all shapes and sizes. But due to the different barrel bore sizes, there have been cases where the plug can be shot off.

Some plugs can be inserted, then twisted to lock them in place. These are not that dependable.

The second type of plug is called a barrel condom. These are more dependable in stopping the accidental shooting of paintballs. This is simply a bag that covers the muzzle of the barrel It has an adjustable strap to loop over the hopper or tank and pulled tight. If an accidental discharge happens, the bag stays in place because it is tied. Much more dependable.

Personal Safety for paintball gaming:

Some more precautions can be done besides a good goggle system. Not all are needed but can be considered. I will leave that up to you. I tried to place them in some sort of order. Sports protection for individual sexes. Not going to get into specifics. Just gonna say chest protectors for the gals and sports cups for the guys.

Footwear. Ankle support is good to have when running in uneven terrain like woods. Nothing like a twisted ankle because you slipped in some mud to ruin your trip back with the flag. Throat protection. Nothing like getting hit in Adam’s apple. JT makes a throat guard and wraps it around your neck. You could also hear a turtleneck or a bandana.

Head. Other than the goggles, what about the top and rear? Wearing a baseball hat backward will help. Knee and elbow pads are not bad to have. Never know what you will trip over.

Gloves. Some paintball companies make gloves with “armor” on the tops to keep the sting down from hitting there. They also have rubber on the palm to help in gripping. So, these paintball safety tips will help you to safely play the paintball game.

Fogged lens. Invest in some quality anti-fog spray. This helps keep the goggle lens from fogging. A fogged lens means a faster way of tripping. Personal appearance. What? What I mean by this is removing body piercing if possible. If not, attach some padding. Remove earrings. Then there is long hair.

Paintball Gaming Gun Safety:

Always handle any marker as if it was loaded and ready to fire. Even if the safety and barrel plug is used. Always point the barrel down. Never at anyone. Especially those that do not have goggles. Listen to the pre-game instruction in the field. There may be rules about where you can and cannot shoot your markers.

When at the staging area, always have a barrel plug inserted before you add paint or air. And use safety. When walking from the staging area to the field, have both safety devices engaged? Even when you walk onto the field to the starting station, keep them in. When the ref asks if you are ready to start, then disengage those devices. Only shoot your marker at your intended target.

If and when you get shot out, walk as fast as you can to the off-field staging area or the common staging area. As soon as you cross the tape, engage the safety, and insert the barrel plug.

At the end of the day, take out all of your paintballs from the hopper and the hopper itself. Go to the field’s target range and shoot several shots to make sure there are no paintballs left in the barrel/chamber. Then proceed with degassing your marker.


Remember, be responsible. Be careful and mindful of your surroundings. Obey the direction of the field staff and the rules of the field. Arriving home unhurt is a great day of paintball.


This should be headed at all times. The industry standard velocity maximum for paintball markers in organized fields and tournaments is 300fps. With this standard, the manufacturers have designed the safety equipment that we use to withstand punishment. Not only that, but personal unprotected areas can receive a surprising amount of damage.

Did you know that a paintball traveling faster than 300fps can break bones in your hand? Because of this industry standard, the sport has been proud to show the public and insurance agencies a very positive safety record yearly as compared to other safe sports. To see some examples, see my statistic table in my Newbie – F.A.Q. So, before you turn that velocity up, think about not only the injury that you can cause but also the viewpoint that this sport has.

It is controversial enough with shooting each other with “guns”. No need to add gasoline to the fire with an increase in reported injuries.


You may not think about mixing paintballs and safety. But there is a thin margin of safety that I should mention. Paintballs are made to certain standards that allow them to withstand the brunt of the pow from the discharge of air from the marker and not break. But upon impact, it will break and mark the target with the fill.

However, sometimes fresh paintballs do not break upon impact. Just the way it is sometimes. So, if these paintballs are traveling over the industry standard of 300fps, serious damage can be received. Broken fingers for one.


Plus, your paintball-specific masks are rated to withstand this limit. But stresses of multiple impacts of paintballs (properly breaking or not) will weaken the mask. Don’t take the chance to exceed this velocity limit. Must also bring out that paintballs react with the surrounding environment. These paintballs will expand and contract according to the humidity and/or temperature.

As time goes by, the inside fill will harden. Old hard paintballs traveling at a safe velocity can still do some damage. If you had purchased paintballs and kept them for more than six (6) months, best to throw them out and get fresh ones. Even if they look fine.


Final Verdict of Paintball Safety Tips:

As a beginner, you just need to know paintball playing tips and tricks. I hope now you got your answer. There are a few basic rules by following those you can go ahead with confidently.

Finally, I want to tell you to play paintball safely. For that, you have to wear a good paintball vest, mask, and jersey to make sure of your safety. From those paintball mask is so important thing that needs to be premium. You can also follow a pro player who has experience in the paintball game. You can get more suggestions from the pro player. Because he has fallen many problems while playing and got the perfect solutions as well.

I wish you the best of luck!


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