Best Paintball Playing Tips – Ultimate Paintball Rules 2020

Paintball playing tips can help you to will this game. Paintball is the most popular game because this game is so much exciting than a computer game. You have to know all the paintball tips to win the game.

Do you want to be a pro-Paintball Player?

No matter what level you are right now. Keep reading this post and I am sure that you will be a pro-player. I will let you know how you can become a pro-player by following tips.

Top 10 Paintball Playing Tips and Tricks

*** Introduction:

To win the game you have to know all the rules of this game. And you have to buy the best paintball Gear like a paintball gun, paintball pistol, paintball mask, paintball vest, etc.

1. Play by using cover:

Play paintball by using cover

When you are in the field/battleground you should ensure that you take cover as much as possible. The main reason behind this is if you play in the open field without taking any cover you may easily target by the enemy team.

And you will hit by the enemy. You may be thinking that can’t you go open anymore?

Yeah, only you can go open while you want to change your cover place. You should move fast from your cover place to another cover place. You must ensure that the cover you have chosen can protect you properly from the fire/enemy. If you are covered not fully then your enemy can hit you much easier.

That’s why you must need to wear the best paintball vest to save your body from the hit.

2. Be Alert All Time:

The paintball game is the game where your enemy always wants to hit you. So this is very important to stay alert all the time. And you can understand that when you are not alert your enemy will hit you.

Because your enemies are always alert.

You can make a mistake by focusing only on one enemy. This happens if you are not alert. If you stay alert then you can focus all of your opponents. So you can look at your all enemy position. You have to notice all of your enemy locations so that you can protect yourself properly and take proper cover.

3. Don’t Run in Straight Line:

Play paintball Don’t Run in Straight Line



While moving from cover to another cove don’t run a straight line. If you run a straight line, you will be an easy target. Sometimes you may be caught by your enemy by surprise. So, you have to run away from your enemy. So thing if you run straight line then you can be hit by your enemy.

But if you run zigzag it will be very hard for your enemy to hit you.

4. To Obey The Marshal:

The Marshal in paintball gun game ensures the whole game is being done according to all the paintball rules. The marshal knows all the paintball playing tips. So, He/She comes around when the players are shooting each other.

If you see that the marshal is coming/running to you. Then you have to check your around. There is an opponent who wants to shot you. That’s why you must obey the marshal.

5. Communicate With Teammates:

Stay all your teammates together and communicate with them are the best tips for this game. Thinks all your enemies are in together and you are just one so this is very simple to hit you. But If you being with your teammates the enemy team can’t hit you. If you got any problem you can let your teammates help you.

The more important of this idea is you will be able to plan such a good thing. and able to defeat your enemy. And must you should have a communication pattern that your opponents won’t be able to understand your plan. So, you can easily win this game.

6. Spread Out:

Paintball playing Tips

The most important tips about paintball tips are you have to understand how to play paintball game. Include you should spread out. That’s means that you can’t stay in the same place all the time with your teammates.

You should change your plan and change your positions. By Spread Out you can be able to cover more area in your playground. That will increase your winning chance. One of the most benefits of this rule is your opponents can’t be able to find our because you and your teammates are in a different place.

7. Try to Carry Some Extra Pods:

This is very much simple that you will run out of pellets. The hopper carries just 200 balls. After shots 200 balls you need to reload them. It is an advantage to always have an extra pod so that you can reload if you run out of your pellets.

This extra pod provides you 100 extra shots. This is a higher chance of attacking your opponents.

8. Always Keep Moving:

The best paintball playing tips always stay on move. This is no matter how secure your location is! If you stay in the same place for too long your enemies can spot you easily.

But if you stay on move from place to place it is difficult to spot you. This is an advantage while playing the paintball game. You should keep moving while shooting on your enemy. If you keep moving and fire your enemy the enemy will not be able to hit you.

9. Survey Your Playground:

To win the paintball game you must survey your playground. It will advantageous if you know well the place where you are going. If you survey your surrounding you will know better about the routes and hiding place that will help you better to win this game.

10. Proper Use of Paintball Gear:

If you are a beginner then you must need the best paintball gear. Paintball gear like Best Paintball Gun, Best Paintball Mask, Best Paintball Pistol, Paintball hopper, Paintball Vest, Paintball bag, etc.

To play safely this game you must need to wear a mask. This mask will save your face from the paintball. If you can please carry one or two paintball pistol with you. When you run out your paintball gun and need to reload you can use the paintball pistol to cover fire.

Use the paintball vest to save your body from the paintball shots. Paintball Hopper is a great advantage of this game. Some of the Paintball Hopper can hold just 100 paintballs. But the advice is to use the paintball hopper that can hold a minimum of 200 paintballs.

11. Remember Your Enemies Position:

Remember the Enemy’s position is the most important tip in this game. If you know where are enemies then you can keep moving safely from place to place. You can attack them by communicating with your teammates. If you get shot suddenly by your enemy then you must tell the enemy location to your teammate. So that your teammate can hit him too.


Have Fun With the Paintball Game 🙂

Now you know the best paintball playing tips. No matter what level you are you can win this game. The most important thing is the more you practice this game the more you learn.

So, spend some time with your gun and try to hit some tree to aim.

This game is to give you an opportunity of having fun. And you will have the best feeling if you win this game. The important thing about this game that no matter you win or not you will enjoy this game. When you will have fun, as a result, your physical and mental condition will improve as well.

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