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Cheap Paintball Gear Reviews in 2023 – Top 6 Picks

For playing a Paintball game you must need the best paintball gear. As you know money is a great value. That’s why today we come with cheap paintball gear for you.

Well, when it comes to playing so I don’t know how many of you guys are aware of the paintball gear.

But without any asking, this is one of the most thrilling and adventurous games for youngsters and adults that can make spare time tremendous.

So if you guys aren’t that much aware of the paintball gear then there is no need to get worried.

What makes this paintball game unique?

Paintball gear is the play gun game that people mostly youngsters love and prefer to play in their free time with their friends, family, and dear ones.

In fact, in most countries, this game is very much popular and has special parks by the name of paintball gear where people go with their friends and family and enjoy this game.

For the sake of adding more fun during the time of your playing, parks have also some sort of adventurous themes and targets through which a player not just entices but can also challenge the opponent.

Despite this, the thing which creates a bit hurdle for the player is finding good quality but cheap paintball gear.

So to counter this hurdle, today in this article I come up with a small review of paintball gear in which I try to cover not just cheap paintball gear but also the BEST PAINTBALL GUNS, PAINTBALL MASKS, TACTICAL CLOTHING, PAINTBALL HOPPERS, Paintball Gear Bags & Backpacks as well.

So without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball rolling and explore the affordable, qualitative, and cheapest paintball gear facts together.

1. PAINTBALLS: as Cheap Paintball Gear

Well, there are different types of paintballs it doesn’t matter which type of paintball you are in search of the process is not that much expensive.

No matter where are you living you can easily find paintball gear for sale on both online and physical mart.

One thing which sometimes creates a bit hurdle for people is to pick the right and good quality paintballs.

As if you are new and buying a paintball for the very first time so it might be quite an issue as you have no knowledge and know-how regarding the paintballs.

So to make this riddle easy for you, I suggest you consider Amazon as Amazon offers new, affordable, cheap, and used paintball gear as well.

Before going to buy any paintball I advise you to check the durability and consistency instead of checking the colors and shape.

Especially if you are buying any paintball for any tournament, professional woodsball, speedball, or any recreational purpose then, make sure that you have seen the caliber of the paintballs.

As typical paintball caliber is around 0.68, rest, on the other hand, the other or average paintball caliber is approx 0.40  or sometimes 0.71caliber is mostly dependent on size so all paintballs caliber is not the same as it depends on the size of your paintball.

In spite of the basic things which you need to consider, the top-most selling and reputable paintballs are infinity Valken paintballs as it is also one of the cheap paintball gears.


The thing that makes this ball unique from others is its durability and performance. Plus the ball shell is thicker which extends the quality and won’t allow the ball to break easily.

Another thing that makes this ball unique is its functionality no matter if you are an entry-level player or going for any tournament this ball is perfect and suitable for all players.

Plus the consistency and accuracy of this ball are also super reliable.


  • Durable
  • Gives you accurate and excellent shoots
  • Ribbon virgin ball
  • Comes in different colors


  • None

The only con which I noticed in this ball is the packing. Although the packing is not affecting the performance of this ball as the first impression is the last impression so the packing is not that good enough.


The second thing that sometimes confuses the buyers, especially during the time of their buying is to pick the right paintball guns.

So if you are in search of good quality guns or cheap paintball guns under 30 then my advice is to go with the Tipp Mann A5 and Tipp Mann 98.


The thing that makes this gun unique is its performance, durability, and long-standing enhancement plus it has come up with an extendable, and advanced technology feature that helps to make your handling, moving, and shooting accurate according to your desire.

The design of this gun is completely perfect and reduces the level of wear and re-coils. It gives you a fully 200-round enclosed receiver and a wide hopper mouth.


  • Incredible flatline barrel system
  • Rear e-grip
  • Fully CO2 compatible
  • High-end class speed
  • Aluminum die-cast receiver
  • Collapsible stocks
  • Comes up with a trigger double feature
  • Best for paintballs
  • Wide mouth hopper
  • Well-designed
  • Pretty accurate


  • No cons have been noticed as far

Rest A5 series has come up with different collections so you can pick the one according to your desire. For more details and buying credentials, feel free to go through the above link “Check Price on Amazon”.

(B) TIPP MANN 98 Custom Paintball Gun:

The thing that makes this gun unique is its manufacturing. Rest this gun has come up with platinum custom which is also one of the main reasons to make this gun demandable and appealing.

Plus the modifications and features of this gun model are also according to the current technology which also helps to make your shoots more accurate and speedy.


  • Redesigned sling end mouth cap
  • Redesigned front vertical grip
  • New finish matte that reduces the reflective glare
  • Rails are Picatinny
  • Porting a new barrel that improves the air efficiency
  • Depth full pockets
  • Self-sealing power tube design that removes the previous two bolts
  • Front sight secure spring
  • Trigger pins
  • Receiver split design


  • No cons have been noticed as far

You may be a noob to play this game. If yes then you can learn how to play paintball game.


During the time playing the paintball gear game, one thing you essentially wear is a mask.

As masks help to protect your face from any sudden incident playing paintball is not dangerous but most of the time especially during playing.

Some shots directly or indirectly injure you so for the sake of protection masks are playing an important role throughout your playing hours.

(A) Grill V-Force 2.0 Paintball Mask

Finding a good quality mask is not a big deal as there is a heap of masks that are available in the market but sometimes picking one durable and good quality mask among the series of all is quite picky.

So to make this problem easy I suggest you go with Grill V-Force paintball Mask. The mask itself is lightweight and comes up with top-notch low-maintenance lenses.

Plus it is also thermally treated just for the sake to prevent the fog and thermo cured to resist scratching.


  • Best for both beginners and experts
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Low profile and best for speedball
  • Offers you great comfort
  • Customizable and interchangeable strap, foam, and lens
  • Qualitative Forehead visor
  • Soft rubber area that maximizes the bounce


  • No cons have been noticed as far


4. Paintball Vest:

Another interesting thing that makes this game more phenomenal and amazing is the clothing.

I don’t know how many of you guys experience this game with full tactical costume clothing.

But believe me, the actual fun of playing this game is to experience this by wearing a full costume and then fighting or playing this with your partner or opponent.

Paintball is an intense game that you need to aim with the appropriate tool. The use of paintball vests is ideal to increase endurance and you can spend more time on the field.

It is hard to judge which vest is suitable for you.

Each quality and type of vest is not suitable for you. This is the reason; you need to see the features and compare these traits with your needs. Check the high-quality paintball vest online and focus on the comfort level of the vest.

(A) Barska VX-200 Right Hand Tactical Vest

The vest always offers dedicated performance, customization, well-made design, and other added features. You will like its modern features like coziness, comfy, in-game statistics tracking, and many more.

A high-quality and user’s friendly gaming vest is highly efficient in offering ease during the game.

These mechanical paintball vests are great to provide a high-quality gaming experience. You can play efficiently and work on improving the speed of your games. This Barska vest is lightweight.

It is frivolous and compact, has some programmable controls, Works accurately with high-lift off, uses a friendly item, and is easy to care for.

If you like to read more about the best paintball Vest then you can check out the full review of the best paintball Vest here.


  • Ladder buckles and side straps give you a custom fit
  • A 1-inch heavy-duty back webbing system that can carry additional gear for you.
  • Have 2 large internal zippered pockets for additional items to carry.
  • It has a Reinforced rescue pull handle


  • Don’t have AR15 mag pouches


Ok so before going to say anything else it is essential to clear this term first. Well, if you are a beginner or a new paintball player so hoppers are also known as a loader.

This is a device that helps or attaches your paintball gun. Basically, this will store the paint before loading your paint into a firing chamber.

There is no doubt a huge variety of hoppers which is available in the market but during the time of buying make sure that you have checked the Feed Rate as it is totally dependent on your loading mechanism.

There are two types of mechanisms one is gravity fed and the second is electronic.

So I am sharing a link below which is between in the range of 3.99$ to 104.00$ so in between this range, you can pick the one according to your desire.

Plus you can also check the features, and further specifications and even compare it easily before going to opt or buying any hopper or loader.


  • Works better than a standard symmetrical hopper
  • The colors are bright.
  • Feeds paintballs as fast as you can pull the trigger
  • The hopper is fairly small
  • Great price for a quality-looking hopper
  • This is made of very durable hard plastic


  • Colors cost one dollar more than black
  • Holo sticker peeling straight out of the plastic wrap

6. Paintball Gear Bags & Backpacks:

No matter which type of game or sports you play you always need gear bags and backpacks in which you can place and store your essential stuff.

Finding Cheap paintball gear near me is not a big deal anymore.

Like other bags, paintballs also have a wide collection of bags and backpacks. Among the long series of the collection, one of the best paintball gear bags and backpacks which I highly recommend to you all is Drawstring tactical molle dump pouch magazine.

The thing that makes this bag unique is its durability, waterproof feature, nylon build material, and flexibility.


  • Small pockets
  • Inexpensive
  • Decent size
  • Most gear
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable


  • Not good for larger holder paintball items

Things you should know before going to buy any paintball:

  • 1. How often do you play?

One thing which you must have to know before going to buy is for how long or how frequently you use your paintball.

Most of the time even in most stores you can buy the entire setup of paintball under the range of 120 to 150$ as quality matters and your choices as well.

But my suggestion is if you use rare or you are not a regular player or prefer to play this game on an occasional basis then instead of going through the entire setup go and prefer to opt for the rent option.

Renting the cost of this entire paintball setup is between the range of 10 to 20$ per day which is quite affordable for all of you. plus there is not any sort of restriction on any hours as the rent is going to be charged on a daily basis.

So in this way, you can save your money and enjoy your playing in the cheapest way without even buying the entire collection/ setup.

  • 2. Check your budget first before going to buy: Cheap Paintball Gear Tips

The second main thing which you have to consider before going to buy is the budget. Like I said above that if your playing is not on a habitual or weekly basis or you are not that addicted then prefer to opt for the rent option.

Apart from this, another thing which you have to consider is the price co parison credentials. most of the time what people do is simply rely on only one specific site or mart which is completely wrong.

Make sure that you have checked the other sites and marts before going to buy any paintball gear or other general stuff.

The same goes with the product or brand, for instance, you are buying your old mask for paintball which you think is enough and give you the best protection but like the other advancement.

There are also other masks that are in markets and claiming to give you advance protection with some new features so make sure that before going to put yourself in buying credentials you have checked and visited the market, different sites, and products or brands as well.

  • 3. Go through the reviews and ratings:

Another main thing that you have to check before buying is the review and ratings. Most of the time you get enough awareness after reading and checking the reviews and ratings.

This will help you a lot if you are a new buyer or buying paintball gear for the very first time.

For this, I recommend you to go and visit the Amazon site as this is one of the world-known and reputable sites and gives you a genuine price as well.

Secondly, one of the great advantages which you can get from online buying is the benefit of reading the reviews and checking the ratings. Believe me or not but this will surely help you a lot.

As most of the time, we think that the product which we are going to buy is perfect but after checking or reading the reviews and ratings we realize that the product is not good enough or well worth it.

So my advice is to go through the reviews and rating section no matter if you are buying online or physically as it will keep you safe from any extravagant or bankruptcy.

FINAL Verdict:

Last but not least, hopefully, reading the above-mentioned cheap paintball gear review helps you a lot, and after reading this you get enough awareness that what to buy and whatnot.

In case you think there is something missing or you want to know more related to paintball gear then feel free to bug me in the comment section. I will try my best to trigger your queries.


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