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10 Best Paintball Barrel That are Worth Considering

Introduction of Paintball Barrel:

Nowadays, paintball barrels are first gears like loaders and hoppers. Those people who love to play this sport and need to perform the battle better know the effectiveness and quality of barrels. These barrels easily installed in the gun of paintball.

The best paintball barrel provides great accuracy to the players to achieve significant results. Always consider the mechanism of barrel that makes a clear difference when you need to win the game.

Additional information of best paintball barrel:

Cheap paintball barrel packs are significant for individuals who play in competitions since they improve the paintball’s productivity and precision. This game goes back to the 1960s and has become most loved among individuals from various socioeconomics.

At first sight, it initially intended to check several cheap paintball gear, for example, domesticated animals and nature from a separation. After some time, it evolved into a great action than the average number of individuals over the globe appreciates. Throughout the years, the rigging utilized in the game has developed to oblige the rising patterns in this domain.

Overall Table of the best paintball barrel:

Product NameImageFeaturesPrice
Tippmann Sniper Barrel14-inch barrel, Greater accuracy than a standard barrel, polished for precision accuracy
14 inches black Tippmann Pathfinder Barrellightweight aluminum, Honed for improved accuracy, Increased shooting distance
Freak GOG Barrel Kit with 8 Inserts Back14 inches barrel, You can do Multiple inserts, Excellent consistency
Rap4 22 Inches Flute Sniper Barrel for Tippmann22″ Flute Sniper Barre, Designed for scenario paintball markers, Improve accuracy and reliability
DeadlyWind Carbon Fiber Paintball Gun BarrelColor is block, Straight-bore carbon fiber barrel, Its design with a 0.688″ inside bore
Planet Eclipse Shaft FL TipMade of Carbon Fibre/Aluminium, This is Compatible with Shaft FL Barrel Backs, Its length: 14.5″ (Tip+Back)
Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel with AC8-inch control bore by using a Freak XL insert, Polished Black, Autococker Thread
GOG Paintball Barrel Freak Back with Autococker ThreadThe Freak is a 3 piece barrel system, Freak barrel system are interchangeable, Super accurate
TRINITY Tippmann Cronus Paintball woodsballBlack Anodize finish, .689 Bore size, This barrel has a VORTEX style porting
Black Tippmann 14 inches Ceramic BarrelMade of 6061 T6 aluminum, This barrel is light-weight, It provides a good accurate shot


Reviews of the 10 best barrel below:

1. Tippmann Sniper Barrel:

Best paintball barrel


  • Overview Reviews:

The Tippmann Sniper Barrel is accessible in various lengths, and you should be educated on what measurements will work with existing rigging for you to pick a suitable size. The item made in the USA fulfills all the guidelines set by the excellent control bodies in this segment. The barrel will work efficiently with the Tippmann A-5/X7/X7 Phenom Paintball Markers. You can explore the brand reviews on the internet to satisfy yourself with this brand.

If you want to buy a sniper barrel that is super fast and provide you with intimate results, buy Tippmann barrel. The barrel is sufficient enough to use in all conditions. It has a sleek body that polished with high-quality material. The surface of this barrel feels slim and smooth to hold in your hand. If you are not sure about the marker you have, contact the producer’s client care group to manage you on the perfect barrel to procure. The producer has not benefited information concerning the material used to make this item.

It is difficult for you to know the life span of this brand just as its toughness. The maker allows a ninety-day guarantee on this paintball barrel. This barrel offers superior precision over the standard models because of the miniaturized scale sharpened and cleaned structure. So if you are searching for the best paintball barrel for exactness, at that point, this model might be fit and suitable for you. The best part about this item is that it easily fits with every paintball apparatus you have or expect to buy.

  • 14-inch barrel
  • Greater accuracy than a standard barrel
  • polished for precision accuracy
  • Designed for greater distance
  • The barrel is micro-honed
  • Made In USA


  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
will this fit the project salvo?
Yes, this barrel is able to fit the Project Salvo.
Does this fit the tippman A5?
Yes, this barrel is able to fit the Tippmann A5.
  • Have a polished surface
  • Made in the USA
  • Micro hones
  • Available in different lengths

  • Information of used material is not available


2. 14 inches black Tippmann Pathfinder Barrel:

Best paintball barrel size


  • Overview Reviews:

Are you a professional’s paintball user? Or are you a beginner? It depends on your liking and disliking of this game. Paintball is an exciting and fun game. So every beginner needs to buy a high-quality paintball barrel to experience great views. If you are looking for a medium-size barrel that will easily fit your paintball gun, choose Tippmann Pathfinder Barrel.

It is one of the cheapest paintball barrels found in the best paintball barrel for Tippman a5 approved by Umarex. The endorsement of this body implies that this paintball barrel is among the important ones in the market.

It satisfies all the guidelines required for proficient use—the Tippmann Pathfinder Barrel made of lightweight aluminum material, which is similarly tough. The drag-sized data is promptly accessible, and this might be a test, particularly on the off chance that you don’t expect to utilize it with the assigned markers. Even though the drag size can not easily capture, this gadget is perfect with the A-5/X7/X7 Phenom Markers.

The length of this item is 14 inches, and it has sharpened to improve its precision when being used. The structure of this model highlights makes it suitable for significant distance shooting. The item goes for under fifty dollars on Amazon, making it reasonable for some individuals. Audits deserted by past clients of this model show that it is a durable paintball marker, lightweight, and extremely precise. Make sure to check that it is good with your current equipment before buying this rifled paintball barrel.

  • lightweight aluminum
  • Honed for improved accuracy
  • Increased shooting distance
  • Authorized by Umarex
  • The Tippmann long-range


  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
Will this work on a TMC?
Possibly It will work for Tippmann TMC.
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for professionals
  • Comes with improved accuracy
  • Sturdy and lightweight

  • Information of bore size concealed


3. Freak GOG Barrel Kit with 8 Inserts Back:

paintball barrel cover


  • Overview Features:

Looking for a top-notch paintball gun barrel? Experience the real feel of paintball by using a freak GOG barrel kit. If you are one of those who is looking for a paintball gun with a paintball barrel cover, then you are at the best place.
GOG paintball barrel kits are energizing and moderate. In the phase of finding this best paintball barrel, this is a perfect paintball barrel for which you should think about purchasing.

It depends on the total dependability and precision of what you are looking for. It gives various embeds and can think about a decent match because the barrel size is excellent, and this GOG Freak barrel unit remembered for 14 inches, and the supplement pack and its eight embeds and remembers tips for it.

It has been utilized in the string regardless of whether it used, yet the auto right additionally utilizes this string. What’s more in this kit? Presently it tends to be said that it shows a great deal of distinction in the paintball barrel exactness, and it accompanies a particular barrel and performs quite well. The pack incorporates every one of these things, which are in a paintball barrel, which should isolate this paintball barrel from others.

  • 14 inches barrel
  • You can do Multiple inserts
  • Excellent consistency


  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
will this fit Tippmann TMC?
I think it will not fit – different threads.
will this fit an empire mini gs?
Yeah, it will fit well.
  • Provide excellent consistency
  • Multiple inserts
  • Boast unique barrel porting

  • It can only connect by using threading


4. Rap4 22 Inches Flute Sniper Barrel for Tippmann:

paintball barrel kits


  • Overview Features:

Are you looking for a long snipper barrel? The 22 Inch Barrel Sniper will give you the accurate and best execution results in the paintball field. The barrel intended to use in all situations, and paintball makers would love to buy this smart paintball item from Tippmann. The new sniper paintball barrel made for having a classic appearance as well as having unwavering and precision quality.

It is a 22-inch RAP4 fluted paintball master barrel. The barrel is a brisk, simple to use, and gives players an unobtrusive way to deal with add more division and accuracy to your key paintball weapon. The RAP4 fluted master sharpshooter rifle barrel is the most extended barrel you can incorporate to your weapon the market.

Its very 22 inches, not under any condition like the 22-inch Super Sniper Barrel, which is as a general rule just an 18-inch barrel with a 4-inch choke brake that doesn’t work on the end. Essentially open your old marker barrel and add the 22-inch Fluted Barrel, and you have changed your paintball gun into a precise, long-expand exactness master paintball rifle.

The 22-inch RAP4 Flute Sniper Barrel is suitable for most paintball markers, including T68 and A5. You can use it in Tippmann 98, X7 series and also in Alpha black gun. It works similarly as Spyder, JT, Ion smart parts, Viewloader and Rebel Extreme. The barrel assures you that you will achieve all competition with this paintball gun barrel.
The best about this barrel is that it gives you surety to make accurate shots.

The 22-inch Flute Sniper Barrel won’t provide an admirable motivation to your marker look. You don’t need to spend your savings on buying unusual barrels. It is the best item that will, in like manner, improve your precision in this game.

  • 22″ Flute Sniper Barre
  • Designed for scenario paintball markers
  • Improve accuracy and reliability
  • Make your marker look and feel better
  • Enhance your accuracy
  • All metal construction Easy to install


  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
Is there any adapter needed to fits perfectly
No adapter needed it fits perfectly.
can i put a suppressor on it?
Outside. But it will make barrel even longer and it will drain the ball’s exiting velocity
  • Reliable and lightweight
  • Does the paintball job well
  • Suitable then average barrels
  • More accurate

  • Total length is not ideal for CQB


5. DeadlyWind Carbon Fiber Paintball Gun Barrel:

paintball barrel sleeve


  • Overview Features:

Are you looking for a carbon fiber barrel that is super fast and sturdy? Look at DeadlyWind null carbon one-piece gun barrel. It perfectly designed for professionals and beginners. It is one of the best paintball marker barrels that designed with a multi-vector pattern. Those people who are looking for one piece barrel would love to have this barrel.

It includes a straight bore plan with a .688 bore size. It is an item made in the USA, and it is inside the creation gauges set by the different organizations controlling this industry. The structure highlighted with one-piece development of three layers. Also, it ensures the vigor and life span of this model. Despite the three layers used in the plan, this barrel is among the lightest postings accessible. The paintball barrel model is available in different lengths, and the average load of the various sizes convenient is 50 grams.

It is a lightweight paintball barrel that combined with several materials. The barrel materials make it a strong and simple to convey alternative. Carbon fiber is the material utilized, taking the shape of this paintball barrel. The similarity of this paintball barrel has not given, yet the drag size examined above can guide the best markers to secure with this thing. The barrel prepared for use from the second. It conveyed to you since it doesn’t require any additions.

  • This barrel is 6″
  • Color is block
  • Straight-bore carbon fiber barrel
  • Its design with a 0.688″ inside bore
  • built with a unique 3 layer construction


  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
Will this fit Tippmann Cronus?
Yes, You can have it on your Cronus.
will it fit a project salvo?
No. But you can try.
Will it fit the empire defender?
Yes, this will fit the defender marker
  • Durable, sturdy and lightweight
  • Constructed with three layers
  • Made in the USA
  • Have a multi-vector pattern
  • Not need of inserts
  • Provide excellent performance for barrel shots

  • Not ideal for use in winters
  • This is not suitable for the beginners


6. Planet Eclipse Shaft FL Tip

paintball barrels cheap


  • Overview Features of this product:

People prefer to have a low price but high-performance barrels. There are lots of barrels available in the market, but take a look at planet eclipse items. They make high-quality barrels that give you high accuracy and results. Let’s talk about the plant eclipse FR back kits. The FR back barrel kit for paintball will provide excellent results of painting.

The eclipse paintball barrel is an excellent decision for those individuals who look for cheap paintball barrels. Since it is a similarity with unrivaled execution and high supplements, and the explanation behind it being ideal is this is a decent choice of the purchasers, it gives you fantastic performance with this building plan.

The raised structure of this paintball barrel exceptionally enjoyed; this built plan encourages you to open it, and the joiner segment is, for the most part, intended to make it a spot. This tip likewise works in multiplying for the interface and is planned so well that you can immediately place it in your marker and improve your game.

It is additionally easy to escape the marker. Standard strings are a lot quicker and superior to different other barrels found in the market. It has excellent features to append and evacuate the barrel. People like the raised structure and elite outlook of this barrel.

  • Made of Carbon Fibre/Aluminium
  • This is Compatible with Shaft FL Barrel Backs
  • Its  length: 14.5″ (Tip+Back)
  • Reverse thread for easier assembly
  • Looks truly stunning and incredibly strong
  • Utilized to provide a durable fixing


  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
will this fit a shaft FR back?
No. Only shaft FL backs will fit.
  • Not suitable if player need freak inserts
  • Simple to put back in and take out
  • Have accommodating design
  • Bore selection is optimized
  • Inserts will automatically hold steady

  • Fells bit tight


7. Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel with AC:

Best paintball barrel


  • Overview Features:

Several barrels intended with back Autococker. The reason for this system is to make accurate throws with paintball guns. The bundle has numerous arrangements designed to make your paintballing experience healthy and pleasant. A portion of the things you will discover in the bundle incorporates with 8-piece embed pack, an auto cocker back, and a delicate barrel case that causes you to put away and to move with your hardware starting with one spot then onto the next.

It is a 14 inches paintball barrel with a high capacity to hold paint for a long time. It is the making item of the best maker in the market. It is intended to suit various bore sizes, benefiting numerous alternatives for you to use in multiple circumstances. The data for which models of apparatus this brand is perfect has not given yet. Bore estimates that are very much coordinated with this item extend from .679 to .695.

That is the reason this barrel is a bit popular in the market. These additions produced using aluminum with a cleaned finish. The makers offer two choices on the kind of finish you can pick the GoG/Ion or Autococker string designs.

The advanced barrel model is tried in a controlled situation to enable the makers to make a productive barrel with less backlash, sound, and air sway on the paintball. When you dealt with these components, you can accomplish the best outcomes when utilizing this model. We assure you will love this barrel if you are a beginner and need the excellent performance of your paintball gun.

  • 8-inch control bore by using a Freak XL insert
  • Polished Black
  • Autococker Thread
  • Freak XL builds on that legacy
  • Average velocity increase of 6 feet per second


  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
Can you use it with a two-piece barrel?
No, smart parts/GOG has their own proprietary thread between the freak front and back.
  • Easy to use
  • Auto cocker back
  • Efficient and accurate
  • Have longer range
  • Compatible with unlimited bore sizes
  • Have aluminum inserts

  • Buyers can’t get all information
  • Not durable


8. GOG Paintball Barrel Freak Back with Autococker Thread:

paintball barrels reviews


  • Overview Features:

The Freak Barrel system for paintball guns from GOG Paintball is now trending in the market. It is the most versatile and useful paintball barrel found in the market. According to the recent inspection, Freak has perceived as the top quality and best paintball barrel located on the earth. The company has won many competitions on different games level.

The Freak’s supplement framework permits you to pick the right bore breadth for the paint you are shooting, and the top-notch sharpening inside each addition guarantees precise and reliable shots. The barrel uniquely designed and made with stainless steel and aluminum material. The barrel comes up in 4 distinct hues, and backs for most paintball markers.

The best part about GOG is that they know precisely what the client needs and ensure he gets it. With astonishing advertising methodologies and far and away superior items, it isn’t an over-the-top stretch to state that they are now one of the leading brands regarding paintball.

GOG paintball barrel kits figure out how to do precisely as promoted and end up being the best in the field with regards to the shooting. This specific variation is a Freak Inline One Piece Barrel that is similarly powerful as any of the other top items in the market at present. If you are searching for quick shooting, however smooth barrel, at that point, this is the one for you.

The one is additionally wonderfully lightweight, which implies that you can heft it around in the field and not get depleted from the weight. It gives you a conspicuous preferred position directly from the earliest starting point as while your precision is nearly tried harder. The barrel is one of the best choices in terms of their performance and accuracy. It gives you high-performance results in less time.

  • Fits markers with Autococker threads
  • The Freak is a 3 piece barrel system
  • Freak barrel system are interchangeable
  • Super accurate
  • Hardwearing


  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
Is it polished black or dust black color?
The Back came in a Dust Black color
Will this fit mini gs?
Yes, it will fit any marker with Autococker thread
  • It is super accurate
  • Compatible with several famous freaks
  • Autoworker threads
  • Hardwearing

  • Compatibility is not justified


9. TRINITY Tippmann Cronus Paintball woods ball:

cheap paintball barrel


  • Overview Features:

Tippmann Cronus is one of the more strategic and reasonable models of the Tippmann paintball weapons. Tippmann discharges the Tippmann paintball barrel sleeve is an improvement to the entirety of the past Tippmann models. It is a brilliant decision for most tenderfoots and obliges the ability and aptitude of the middle of the road players searching for a sturdily constructed marker.

The client audits on this best spending paintball weapon have been extraordinary, and a considerable lot of the clients have evaluated this Tippmann model for its exactness and execution.

Tippmann Cronus is the most moderate paintball weapons available in the market. It is sturdy, has a long life expectancy, and has a delightful plan. If you are searching for a reliable best spending marker, at that point, the Tippmann Cronus is the ideal decision for you.

It is modest, powerful, precise, and simple to utilize settle on it an incredible weapon of decision for the fledgling. It’s a superb range, secrecy, and additional items likewise decide on it an extraordinary weapon of decision for the more prepared paintball player. The weapon is most appropriate to the woodsball interactivity.

  • Durable aluminum
  • 16″ Accurate barrel
  • Black Anodize finish
  • .689 Bore size
  • This barrel has a VORTEX style porting
  • VORTEX style porting to enhance performance
  • Its Micro polish honing to ensure an accurate performance


  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
Is this a ceramic barrel?
No, it’s painted stainless steel
Does the Cronus's mock suppressor fit on this barrel?
yes, the Cronus’s mock suppressor fit on this barrel
  • Gravity ball feeds
  • Inline bolt system
  • Blowback valve system
  • Efficient and long-lasting

  • Not compatible with precious paintball guns


10. Black Tippmann 14 inches Ceramic Barrel:

best cheap paintball barrel


  • Overview Features:

Tippmann is one of the famous companies that make a different kind of paintball barrels. They introduce a Black ceramic barrel that is of 14 inches in length. The barrel configuration is straightforward yet has a portion of the astonishing highlights, such as fluting and porting toward the conclusion to help with gas discharge. With this exact barrel arrangement, you will achieve extraordinary execution. Tippman expert rifle paintball barrel is produced from lightweight aluminum while the inside has a low grating surface.

The Apex 2 Barrel offers a paintball barrel sleeve through which your paintball firearm can fire. It could be an extremely accommodating element as woodsball structure paintball fields are frequently any longer. The capacity to wipe out another player from further away could be a significant bit of leeway. The Apex 2 Barrel likewise offers the chance to endeavor to wipe out different players by bending paintballs around snags, where a straight shot would not work.

You are likewise at a greater danger of breaking paint, as the anxieties put on the paintball increment from the bend and turn that the barrel puts ready. In conclusion, the barrel has one little column of porting and is certainly not an incredibly alluring plan outside of the woodsball viewpoint.

  • Made of 6061 T6 aluminum
  • This barrel is light-weight
  • It provides a good accurate shot
  • Perfect to use in Custom pro paintball


  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
Is this barrel rifled?
No, the barrel is not rifled
Does it fit the Tippmann a5?
No, you will need a barrel with an A5/X7 thread pitch
  • Ideal for those who prefer sniping and hiding
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Have functions with low noise
  • Perfect to use in Custom pro paintball

  • Does not offer large shots


Ultimate buying guide for the best paintball barrel:

Nowadays, the uses of rifled paintball barrel are growing popular with the time. There is much more to know about the paintball barrels. The kits include several paintball gears and components that you can get to experience the game athletics more accurately.

  • One or two paintball barrels:

When the game initially started, every barrel for gun found in the market was either has one-piece design or two. Both paintball designs come up with the same inner diameter, all running through the entire paintball barrels. The designers of these barrels focus on improving the accuracy of using a paintball pistol. They all come up with a refined conclusion of two-piece designs that will work best.

  • Paintball Barrel Kits:

In the ongoing market, there are a lot of popular Paintball Barrel Kits accessible, which are worth considering. You have to pick that one which is best for you. You can browse barrel packs that incorporate numerous backs and fronts, units that work off an additional framework or packs that give one barrel front and multiple backs.

The most well-known barrel packs available right presently are the carbon fiber units. With a carbon fiber paintball barrel pack, you would arrange a full carbon fiber front just as a barrel back unit. These packs start at about $130; however, give you excellent alternatives to estimate the paint you are shooting to your barrel back.

Competition players consistently have paintball barrel packs since most paintball competitions expect you to utilize the field paintballs have for battle.

  • Paintball Barrel Materials:

The famous materials that may utilize to make paintball barrels are of high quality. Day by day, the use of these materials changed to give paintball players precisely what they are searching for in barrels. The four principle kinds of paintball barrels are aluminum, treated steel, titanium, and carbon fiber. At the point when aluminum paintball barrels are machined flawlessly, they will give you some extremely incredible presentation.

The Stainless Steel paintball barrels were a genuinely fleeting prevailing item in paintball since there were very few points of interest to them over aluminum. These steel paintball barrels were considerably more costly to the machine and brought into the market because of the advanced variables. The expense of the crude materials between a hardened steel paintball barrel and aluminum paintball barrels is exceptional.

  • Paintball Barrel Length:

Probably the greatest misnomer in paintball is its length. The longer the paintball barrel is, the more precisely you can shoot. It is just consistent with a specific point, which is the reason you will be unable to discover any paintball barrels more than 20 creeps long. The most widely recognized best paintball barrel size is 14 creeps since tests have indicated that anything over the 14-inch length just minimally affects your accuracy.


Describe what and why need:

When shooting a paintball, pneumatic stress is delivered in the firearm and gives it the necessary force and high speed. Porting on the paintball barrel evacuates the extra air before when paintball leaves the barrel and, in this way, makes the marker much calmer.

It can bring about turning or shaking, which leads to the off-base direction. Appropriate porting disseminates the additional vitality and weight, so the paintball remains steady and straight. A few players find that porting can bring about a less ground-breaking shot as it disposes of over the top gaseous tension.


Things to consider while buying the best paintball barrel:

A paintball barrel is an area toward the finishing point of your marker in which the paint releases. There are different kinds of barrels accessible, and some may just be down to individual inclination. In this post were going to know what to consider before purchasing a barrel.

  • It’s Length:

You can get various barrel lengths; these usually run between 8-20 inches, research has indicated that 8 inches are the zenith for exactness. Several paintball users focus on the precision fo their paintball gun by using high-quality barrels. The best barrel length is most likely around 14 inches. You can, at present, utilize longer barrels of 16-20 inches; this might be attractive if you have longer arms.

  • Their Materials:

Barrels now intended to oblige the player and their needs, subsequently being promptly accessible in different materials. Aluminum is likely the most well-known decision; this is lightweight, economical, and simple to operate. Barrels are likewise available in treated steel, which is more substantial in contrast with aluminum.

  • Paintball Barrel kits:

Again there is such an immense choice, and it is essential to pick an appropriate suit for your requirements. These paintball barrel kits can incorporate different backs and fronts. These packs allow you to advance your barrel dependant on the game you’re playing.

  • Paintball Barrel Bore:

It ranges from approximately .698 down to .674; the most widely recognized size is .689. You need to guarantee your barrel isn’t excessively close for the paint; else, the weapon will break the paintballs.

  • Barrel design:

A high barrel comprises three significant parts: stringing, the barrel shaft, and the porting. The stringing consists of the winding sections toward the finish of your weapon that permits you to screw your barrel into the firearm itself. The barrel shaft is the secure part of the barrel that the ball will destroy after using it for a long time. The porting is close to the barrel’s furthest limit, where there are gaps or openings available.


Final Verdict:

Choosing the best paintball barrel for getting the game accuracy will be more comfortable than any other thing. Paintball is a game that expects you to encounter various characteristics, for example, initiative, cooperation, and coordination. Likewise, these dynamic games will keep you invigorated and fit.

We suggest you select a long term paintball barrel since they are smoother and exact. Additionally, think about your spending plan. You can buy recommended barrels after reading the best paintball barrel reviews in our guide.

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